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Kumpulan Pertanyaan Bahasa Inggris

A.    Description
1.      Which sequence is correct about the general description. . .
a.          Age-size-noun-material-shape-color-original
b.         Size-age-shape-color-original-material-noun
c.          Noun-size-age-shape-color-original-material
d.         Introduction-identification-decription-closing
e.          Closing-description-identification-introduction

2.      Which sequence is correct about the general structur
a.       Introduction-identification-description-closing
b.      Size-age-shape-cloro-original-material-noun
c.       Identification-description-introduction-clpsing
d.      Introduction-description-identification-closing
e.       Closing-description-identification-introduction

One of the most famous buildings in Washington D.C. is the White House. It is the home of the president of the United States.
The White House is a very large white building. It has three main parts, namely the main building and two wings (west and east wings). The main building has large central porches. The porches have tall columns. Large lawns and gardens surround the White House.
3.      what is generic text structure above?

a.       .identificatin and closing
b.      Identification and description
c.       Introduction and description
d.      Introduction and closing
e.       Description and closing

4.      what the purpose of the above text?

a.     To describe  white house
b.    To inform about white house
c.    .to entertaint about white house
d.    To provide factual information
e.    To tell about white house

Our school
Our school has three parking lots. Two of them are near the front yard. We must put our bicycles there. The other parking lot is for the staff's motorcycles. It is next to the staff room, opposite Class VIIC. The headmaster's office is between the staff room and the school office. There are six toilets in the school. Four of them are in the corner, at the back. They are for students. And the other two are next to Class VIIID. They are for the staff and guests. We have a sport hall at the back, behind classrooms IXA, B, and C. Next to the sport hall are two small dressing rooms. The science lab is between Class VIIIA and the library. Between the library and the sport hall there is a small mosque for the muslim students to pray. If you want to have snacks and drinks, you can go to the school cafetaria near the class VIIF.
5.      What are there behind classrooms IXA, B, and C.?

a.       Toilets
b.      Parking lots
c.       Sport hall
d.      Laboratories
e.       Changing room

6.      what place there between the library and the sport hall?

a.       Class viii D
b.      Changing rooms
c.       Parking lots
d.      Toilets
e.       Mosque

My favorite toy is a doll. I named my doll Becky. I got in in my12th birthday. My dad bought it for me when he was in England. Becky is 16 cm tall doll with plastic head, arms, and legs and a white cloth stuffed body. Her body is covered with yellow, orange, and green flower bud prints. She has a long auburn-red brush-able hair, green eyes. There are freckles on her cheek. There are also two dimples near her mouth on the left and on the right. They make her more beautiful. I put her at my side when I sleep at night. I like my doll very much. I sometimes ask my friends to come to my house and play with Becky. They like Becky too

7.      What does the text tell us about?

a.       The writer’s favorite doll
b.      My favorite doll
c.       My favorite toy
d.      A birthday party
e.       A plastic doll

8.      Which part of the introduction?
a.       Special participant, the name, say thank
b.      Quality, characteristic, occupation
c.        characteristic, occupation, the name
d.      The name, profession, occupation
e.       Quality, The name, profession,
9.      Which part of the identification?
a.       Characteristic
b.      Special participant
c.       Profession
d.      The name
e.       Occupation
Cute- a- fat- short- black-  boy- negro
10.   change into a true sentence..
a.        A  cute short fat black negro boy
b.      A  short cute  fat black negro boy
c.       A  cute short fat black  boy negro
d.      A  short cute  fat black  boy negro
e.       A  short cute  black fat   boy negro

B.     News Item
1.      What is the function of newsworthy?
a.       To inform about something
b.      To inform about important events
c.       To inform about interesting events
d.      To tell about locates event
e.       To inform comment by participant

2.      anyone who could enjoy the news item?
a.       Readers
b.      Listeners
c.       Viewers
d.      Walker
e.       choice of a, b, c, right

3.      below, which includes part of the background events, except….
a.       What happened
b.      To whom
c.       What circumstances
d.      Tells events and also detail
e.       Comment by participant

4.      usually places including parts of….
a.       Newsworthy
b.      Background event
c.       Sources
d.      Orientation
e.       Reorientation

5.      which is not included as part of the sources are
a.       to whom
b.      comment by participant
c.       witnesses
d.      authorities
e.       expert

6.      usually headline be located in paraghraph….
a.       2
b.      1
c.       5
d.      4
e.       3

Padang – 8.5 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Aceh last week to save a latent danger. Earthquake and tsunami apparently still threatening the city of Padang. “Experts predict the earthquake in Aceh today can affect the balance of subduction systems in the Mentawai that could lead to SR 8.9 megathrust earthquake in Padang,” said Head of Data Center for Information and Public Relations of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) in his office, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho in his office , Jakarta, Thursday, April 19, 2012.
Sutopo said the Sumatran megathrust energy could potentially trigger a tsunami in Padang. “8.9 quake raises tsunami potential of 6 to 10 meters after 20 to 35 minutes of the quake. Depending on the time of the earthquake phenomenon,” he added.
For Jakarta, Sumatra megathrust earthquake potential to cause a tsunami will not in the capital. Of a simulation BNPB, an earthquake with a strength of more than 8 SR and tsunami in the Sumatra megathrust is not up to the Jakarta region, only reached the Straits of Sunda. “So, Jakarta is safe,” he said briefly.
Sutopo added, although the potential for megathrust earthquake and tsunami may occur, the science and current technology can not be sure when and where will the earthquake.
“So far, only the potential for earthquake prediction and earthquake-prone areas,” he said. In a note BNPN, 188 cities or counties in Indonesia classified as tsunami-prone areas.
7.      What kind of the text is it?
a.       Report
b.      Recount
c.       Narrative
d.      News item
e.       Procedure

8.      “Padang – 8.5 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Aceh last week to save a latent danger.. .”
What do we call this sentence?
a.       issue
b.       Orientation
c.        Newsworthy event
d.       Thesis
e.        Resolution

9.      The best title of the text is…?
a.                   Padang Earthquake Reconnaissance
b.                  earthquake that shook the padang

c.                   earthquake that shook the aceh
d.                  earthquake  in padang
e.                   Dangerous earthquake 

Kaka ate fried chiken
10.  Change into passive senrence..
a.       Fried chiken were eaten by him
b.      Fried chiken was eaten by him
c.       Fried chiken has eaten by him
d.      Fried chiken have eaten by him
e.       Fried chiken will be eaten by him

A.                Description
1.                  B
2.                  A
3.                  B
4.                  A
5.                  C
6.                  E
7.                  A
8.                  D
9.                  B
10.              A

B.                  NEWS ITEM
1.                  B
2.                  E
3.                  E
4.                  B
5.                  A
6.                  B
7.                  D
8.                  C
9.                  A
10.              B

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